Token sale schedule

  • pre-sale 11.20.2017–11.30.2017
  • token sale: round A, for the eastern region 12.18.2017–01.08.2018
  • token sale: round B, for the western region 02.01.2018–02.22.2018

Terms of the token sale

  • will be held two rounds of the token sale: round A, for the eastern region 18.12.2017–08.01.2018, round B, for the western region 01.02.2018–22.02.2018
  • the initial bonus for round A is 20%, which will decrease by 5% every 3 days to 10%
  • the initial bonus for round B is 10%, which will decrease by 5% every 5 days to 0%
  • other conditions for round A and round B are identical
  • 360,000,000 DTTs will be issued during the pre-sale and two rounds of a token sale, which will compose 100% of all system tokens
  • the cost of one token is 0.1 USD
  • available ways to purchase DTT — BTC, ETH
  • the token’s rate in cryptocurrencies will be dynamically adjusted relative to the rates of these cryptocurrencies on the exchange
  • hard cap (the maximum amount the crowdsale will receive) — 12.5 million USD for each round
  • if the maximum target amount is received before the official end of any round of the token sale, this round will be terminated ahead of schedule
  • the minimum target amount (soft cap) for two rounds — 5 million USD
  • if the minimum amount is not received at the end of the second round of the token sale, all funds will be returned to the participants of the token sale (minus the transaction commissions received by the miners)
  • if more funds than the minimum target amount are received, but the maximum target amount is not reached, excess tokens will be burned
  • tokens will be released (minted) to token holders within a few days after the end of the token sale
Smart contract address

DTT Ethereum smart contract address:


pre-sale and token-sale
fund for the promotion of the platform after the release (free trial subscriptions and services)
team and advisors
bounty program


platform development
purchase of equipment for building its own cloud computing infrastructure (servers and their maintenance)
marketing and promotion
legal costs
administrative costs
development of the community, educational materials, organization of conferences


DataTrading Pre-Sale starts on the 1th of November 2017 and we are happy to announce the official DataTrading bounty program details!

The total bounty program pool will amount to 1% of all the tokens sold during the pre-ICO and ICO stages.

If the number of bounty participants will be less than 200 active users — the total bounty pool will be reduced to 0,5%. An active user is a person who made at least one activity in the bounty program.

DataTrading total bounty pool will be divided in the following order:

  • signature and avatar campaign bounty — 40%
  • mass media and Blogs — 30%
  • social media bounty campaign (Including activities on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit,YouTube and Telegram) — 25%
  • other activities — 5%

Payment is made only in DataTrading tokens — DTT

The bounty program’s results, including the calculation of tokens earned, will be announced within one week after the token launch ends.

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